One on one tumbling coaching: We provide a personal coaching service for anyone who is keen to develop tumbling skills in private. Popular with advanced and beginner students, this service is designed for the needs of the individual student and provides a space for development at any level. These classes usually take place at home but can take place on a Sunday in Camden. Please contact for further information.

‘My daughter started with LDCA back in 2015 as a flyer on her school’s LDCA cheer team.  From day one, she was hooked!  Her weekly practices soon turned into a complete love of cheer, quickly expanding to include LDCA tumbling and LDCA one-on-one training.  Ellie and her team are so caring and encouraging and help each participant enjoy and learn.  Ellie and her team’s vast experience in the cheer and tumbling community really is amazing.  The skill level she provides to the girls is aspiring and really helps the girls strive to learn each new stunt and move.
My daughter’s tumbling level has quickly improved with the help of LDCA’s one-on-one tumbling.  The individual attention and encouragement has greatly improved her skill level as well as her self-confidence.  Overall LDCA cheer and tumbling has provided my daughter an outlet to express herself, grow as an individual and become a member of a wonderful group of girls and coaches.’