The course is an opportunity for individuals to build confidence in their own abilities which will transfer into future life skills. This focus of this award to recognise and celebrate the skills that our athletes are already developing in class and offer them an opportunity to hone and refine their practice. Ideal for Students who would like additional training and these areas or who see a future in a leadership role.

This award is available to all our athletes and is designed to be accessible for each child with a focus on practical learning and a diverse range of assessment and feedback styles.

The award is comprised of several tasks for the athletes to complete both at home and within their current cheerleading sessions. The tasks will include delivering practical sessions, developing creative content for their teams and receiving bespoke leadership training from their coaches.

We also offer an additional one-off training session for anyone taking part with the Award Programme.

The four key areas that the award focuses on are:

  • Inclusive Practise
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Creativity

At the end of the Programme, athletes receive an LDCA Award certificate as well as a reference from the Principal, endorsing the skills developed. The reference can be used to support any application in the future or CV or personal statement.