The first and only inter-school cheerleading league in London is a truly unique experience for children aged 7-16. Nine teams take part in activities year-round to improve their technical and personal skills. 

Athletes are encouraged to be competitive, which gives our classes focus and drive, helping the teams develop an appetite and sense of achievement for learning. 

Teams win points by placing in the top three at the competitions and fundraising, co-ordinated by their elected fundraising teams, vice-captains and captains.

Winter Pyramid-Off

First competition of the year is at our Christmas Party where each team perform creative lifts, poses and dismounts in a mega stunt connected in some manner. Students also get to meet the other teams to socialise and celebrate their hard work so far. 

Winter Pyramid Off Blog

Team Fundraising

Our students fundraise to contribute towards the cost of their uniforms ahead of their first uniformed competition and they receive points for doing so. This gives the students a sense of independence, and an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and creative skills. Examples of past efforts include bake sales, car washing and selling handmade greeting cards. 

Spring Competition

The LDCA teams take to the stage to perform a two-and-a-half-minute routine full of high-energy dance moves, stunts and tumbles. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to come and watch the performances.

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Summer Competition

This is the league final. Teams showcase their improved routine with more difficult stunts and tumbles. Students and parents get to see how each team have developed since the Spring Competition.
The teams also compete in a tumble-off for our selected charity, which is Reverse Rett

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