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LDCA teach Cheerleading and Dance classes at various schools in Central & North London. The LDCA League is the only school Cheerleading league in North London offering an inter school competitive Cheerleading platform. We work with many schools to provide their students with Dance, Dance Fitness and Cheerleading classes both as a part of the school PE curriculum and as an after-school club. We have been working with independent and state schools for over 10 years and pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to teaching with a track record of developing self-confidence and offering a platform for talented students to excel

LDCA work closely with each of their schools with classes fitting into the school timetable like any other. We encourage all students and staff to make the school cheerleading team an asset to the school, not only showcasing the team at school open days, school performances and Gym & Dance shows, but showcasing the school itself through attracting a wider audience for such performances.

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The school teams are encouraged to join the LDCA League and take part in the competitions.

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Cheerleading, Dance & Tumbling classes on weekends and at our after-school clubs.

LDCA Cheerleading League

Learn more about the only inter-school cheerleading league which teaches the students unique skills to supplement their education.

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