Over 120 cheerleaders came together on Sunday 12th December for our first league competition of the year – The Winter Pyramid Off!

It was a fantastic event where each squad performed their pyramid off to each other and were scored on their Timing, Execution & Presentation.

Dynamites took first place with Infinity second and Wolves in third place. The pyramid will then be added to a routine which will be performed on Monday 25th April for the Spring Competition.

Squad Pyramid Off Fundraising Spring Competition Summer Final Total Points
Cannons 5
Dynamite  20
Eagles 5
Infinity          15
Jets 5
Sharks 5
Wild Cats 5
Wolves 10

Ellie the principal said ‘The students are all so dedicated and LDCA wouldn’t be what it is without every single one of them. I am so proud of you all – your hard work and passion paid off and you were all brilliant’.

The students then had a well earned end of term party with some tasty snacks and some music. Well done all and Merry Christmas!